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Extended information about cookies

Premise: what cookies are and how they work

A cookie is a text file that is stored on an user's computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) by a website to which the user logs on. During following visits to the website by the same user/device, this file can be read or retrieved by the website that has installed it. A cookie contains some information (eg. a numeric identifier, the expiration date, etc.) and it allows to the website, that sent it, to recall, for example, preferences expressed by the user while browsing, or restricted areas access authentication or session monitoring. For these kind of cookies named technical cookies, is not required a prior consent, except the requirement for the owner of the website to provide appropriate information to the users. However, other kind of cookies may be used to track users while browsing the website in order to send advertising and/or to offer services in line with preferences expressed by the user while browsing the web. These cookies, named profiling cookies, require the user's prior consent and a correct informative of the use on them.

The website, is one of the websites registered by Easytrip SPA. This website uses only technical cookies.

Information provided by Easytrip SPA pursuant to art. 13 of the "Codice della Privacy" (Italian Privacy Code).

In relation to information collected through cookies directly used by the website operator,Easytrip SPA, as owner of the treatment, declares the following:

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